This is the part where I recap 2014 and tell you all about what I hope to accomplish in 2015. Blah blah blah…

Truth is I’m tired. 

Yesterday at about 5pm I had the entire house cleaned from top to bottom to ring in the new year. I just wanted to wake up to a clean home and not much to do in the morning but contemplate my goals for the new year and write some things down.  I worked all day for a clean house. By the time I woke up this morning it didn’t matter all the work I put into it. We had just a few friends over last night, something we haven’t done in years, and I stayed up to ring in the new year at midnight for the first time in 6 years! After our friends went home and I fell asleep on the couch, I woke to what seemed like a disaster. We didn’t do anything but eat food and watch a movie.

So much work I put in….and nothing held over to 2015. LOL!


I guess that is simply motherhood for you and it’s just hard for me to accept the continual mess of…life. This is my life and it is in a constant continual phase of clean this, wipe down that, sweep this, dust that….repeat…and often times repeating before you can even enjoy the results of your cleaning efforts.

I’m tired…  


I don’t know how to recap 2014 except to say we spent another year working on improving the inside and outside of our house. We did many projects inside like building an entertainment center for our upstairs family room. Installing a bench seat toy box in the kid’s playroom. Re-landscaping our front grass strip beyond the sidewalk and working hard on de-weeding both yards. Painting….and more painting will continue in 2015. 


In May we went to Disneyland! We had a day at the beach with the boys and then four lovely yet very tiring days walking around Disneyland and California Adventures!

Photo May 11, 6 16 33 PM

Beach day!

Photo May 11, 6 18 25 PM

Photo May 11, 6 35 25 PM

Photo May 11, 6 41 35 PM


After we got back from Disneyland we got to work on more home projects like building the boy’s bench seat toy box in their playroom closet.



We spent the summer taking care of our yards and getting them in top shape. 




2014 was the start of a new phase in motherhood for me when my oldest started Kindergarten. It was a very emotional transition for me, but was a fun growth worthy transition for JJ as he’s come along way behaviorally and educationally in the last five months. He loves school and can not wait for winter break to be over. 

8-7-14JaydonJonesKindergarten 8-8-14ScottandJaydon


In October we got the chance to go to Disneyland again for Halloween. This was big for us because we had gone years without taking vacations and to be able to travel to California for a second vacation twice in the same year only 5 months apart was so nice! 




So quite obviously 2014 was a blessed year for us!


And now its time to look ahead to what 2015 holds.

Part of my “new year” goals include words like “simplify”, “organize” and “efficiency”. I’ve seen these goals floating around the blogosvere lately, and truth is, I’m right there wanting the same things out of this next year. I’m not sure if I’m gonna take one word and go with it, or try my hand at all three of these. I’m also finding it hard to add anything new to the plate for 2015 without totally revamping my life. I can’t really take on more and accomplish anything right? So I’ve got to re-evaluate things and see what needs to be thrown out. 

So goals include: 


1. Getting back to the gym twice a week. I’m not trying to win any marathons or be selfishly involved in my looks, or appearance at all, I just want to feel healthier. I don’t even have pounds to really loose according to my fitbit and my fitness pal, I don’t need to lose anything, I just need to be more active and eat better. I have to do that for me. 


2. Do some Vlogs for the blog: This is an uncomfortable area for me as I don’t really like being on camera, but I have found that putting more of “me” out there on my blog is what people really want. So I’m gonna give people what they really want. 😉 


3. Learn more about photography and take more pictures: I got a Nikon for my birthday and a Nikon book for dummies for Christmas, a ton of filters, focuses and other accessories for it…I have to utilize all of it! 

4. Spend wisely on groceries each week: I’m already on a good track with this. I menu plan when I can, create shopping lists and try to only go grocery shopping one day a week to minimize spending extra on frivolous things. I’m working on it and have a plan of action that has worked in the past. I just need to reel it in again now that the holidays are over. 

5. Drive more traffic to the blog: Blogging is what I do when I’m not taking care of the kids or my husband’s needs. And this blog needs more traffic, more readers more of everything and I plan on learning everything I can to draw in more readers, learn more about blogging and I would love to go to a blog conference this year! 

There are five things and I’m going to leave it at that. But part of all these goals I have is a general drive for creativeness. Blogging is my creative outlet, but I really want it to be unique, totally me, and continue in what it has been doing for me over the last three years income wise. Its been a blessing and I hope that in 2015, like my goal was in 2013 that I will double my income form my blog. I’ve done that in 2014…so I know I’m heading down the right track. 

Self Improvement Goals

1. Work on my temper, I tire of the thankless rituals of motherhood and the day in and day out of doing the same things over and over again for the little results it reaps…like a clean house. It’s an obsession I have to make things neat and tidy, but one that only I have…no one else feels this way and it leads to a bad temper and I really just need to take of the apron and let the house be what the house will be instead of letting it inflate my temper. But letting this happen without twitching or a nervous breakdown is key. It’s hard for me to even type this, but 2015 might have to include letting things be messy to keep my temper under wraps. I have a big problem with uncleanliness. I have to figure this out some way or another.  

2. Work on my faith and teaching it to my kids.



To recap 2014, I would say it was full of blessings from God. Even though there have been tough times, more for my husband this year than for me, I hope and pray for some easier times ahead, especially in the health department for my husband. He’s got back issues, stomach issues, sleep issues and an ongoing battle with depression that we often have to discuss and reel in from time to time. The problem with depression is that it is so often misunderstood. My husband, just like anyone else knows how blessed a life we live, but he still struggles with what he calls a filter over everything. It’s a fog over things that he has to sift through. I wish I could help him with it, but all I can do is listen. 

So for 2015, I wish for better mental health for my husband, myself and my kids. Here’s to the next 364 days!

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I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

66 thoughts on “2015

  1. I also really want to leaner more about photography this year! I got my first DSLR camera a few months ago and I’ve really been seeing an improvement on my photos but there’s still so much more to learn <3

    1. Which is precisely why I need to relax about this more in 2015. I think I get so paranoid because I constantly have people over and we are always entertaining.

  2. I think you should slow down and stop to smell the flowers! A spotlessly clean house? Uh-well you have a child, a husband and friends–keep it clean but do not go overboard-suddenly you will find time for you as well!

    1. You are right Michele, I really do need to get a grip and enjoy life more! I feel stressed about it sometimes because we always have people over…but I need to realize that they probably don’t care about my house and its looks as much as I do.

  3. Well, from your pictures it seems like you were able to get a lot done in 2014! Like you, I have a lot of blogging goals this year and want to drive a lot more traffic. Good luck meeting all of your goals!

  4. I with you on the feeling tired, I am CONSTANTLY tired and I can’t even blame my toddler because he sleeps all night. Your little ones are the cutest!

  5. I think if everyone’s being honest, we’re ALL tired by the end of the year. Heck, I’m tired halfway through the year. That’s okay. It just means we’re super productive! 😉

    1. Yeah, I love being productive. I love looking back and seeing what I/We’ve accomplished. I think it can help motivate us in our goals for the new year. 🙂

    1. See I just have to reel myself in here and realize even though I feel alone in the world of stepping on toys and wiping up crumbs, I’m really not…Cheers to motherhood and all its glory! 😉

  6. I can definitely relate to the depression, because even if everything in life is going perfect, there is something like… a filter.. just like you described it. I know my husband has a hard time understanding, but I think it’s a lot just the fact that he’s there working it out with me and willing to do it for so long. So I think just by you being there by his side it’s a tremendous help even if it doesn’t seem like it.

  7. My mom is the same. She’s very tired cleaning the house but we can’t get helper since we’re also thinking about budget at home. She’s been complaining a lot about improving the house mostly by herself. We feel sorry for not helping her since we’re out all hours of the day for work and the only thing we do at home is sleep.

  8. It sounds like you were quite busy last year but yet you had family fun too. I love the words for your goals and I am going to start my goal list with main words. That is a great idea really. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Sounds like 2014 was busy but fun as well, good luck with 2015 and hope you start working on the vlogs I have started (again) and hopefully will do better this year

  10. I can totally relate with you feeling tired of housecleaning. It seems like it never ends. You and your family had a lot of great memories from last year. My goal this year is to spend more time with God’s Words with my kids.

  11. Great goals! I’m actually working on spending less time blogging. I’m sore of starting to accept that blogging takes up A LOT of time, and the money it brings in just isn’t worth it so much. Now that Phoenix will be in kindergarten soon, I’d like to start some sort of work-from-home business, but that’s nothing more than a thought for now. 🙂

  12. We are finally doing some home improvement of our own. My husband and I are putting in new hardwood floors in a couple of weeks once they arrive at the store. I love the pictures of your family. It looks like you had a great, eventful year last year.

    1. Oh fun! We haven’t ventured into the flooring department yet. We figured we will replace the floors when the kids are a little older and are not so prone to dropping everything on them. For now I’ll deal with the dinks and dents in our vinyl flooring. 😉

  13. I am so with you about taking time to enjoy the little things in life-to appreciate them each and every day. You have a beautiful family-BTW–we did the pirate thing too at Disney last January for my son’s 6th birthday–what a blast we had–so much fun! good luck with all your goals in the new year!

  14. It looks like you had a great year! I hear you on the cleaning…. It drives me a little crazy sometimes too, I could definitely stand to relax a little in that area. One of my goals for 2014 was to start adding some videos to my blog but it didn’t happen. Maybe I can change that this year! 🙂

  15. I use to be that person who cleans constantly when my kids were little. I guess being as I am passed that phase I would say clean less and play more because it is gone before you know it! I love the home building and wish my husband could do things like this! Hope your New Year is everything you want it to be!

  16. Looks like you guys had a pretty awesome year! I would be lucky to get my entire house clean in a week. Which would never happen because with four kids, nothing would stay clean.

    1. Yeah you see my problems…and so since I’m not alone in this impossible endeaver…who do I fret about it so much? Maybe its because my grandmother with 8 kids kept a house so clean you could eat off her floors…but then I ask….was she happy? I want to be happy!

  17. Oooh I got a Nikon for Christmas and I am wanting so bad to just know all about it right away. I get frustrated pretty easily just because I’m so new at it but hopefully we’ll both learn to use our cameras more this year!

  18. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Yesterday I had the day off of work and cleaned house. I swear my four year old followed behind me and pulled apart everything as soon as I put it together.

    1. I believe it! I do! And then sometimes its worse when they try to help and your OCDness just wants to finish for them. 😉 They’ll never learn though if they don’t try to help.

  19. The shelving for the entertainment enter looks really nice. I love shelves, and wished I had more of them. What a productive year overall for you! Sounds like you got fun gifts for your birthday and Christmas…photography is so much fun.

    1. Thanks! I remember when we got a spreadsheet out and had to decide how many shelves to have. I knew the lower ones had to store my kids toy bins, and the higher ones I wanted my picture frames and books on. It has turned out to be a really lovely addition to our home.

  20. These pictures are looking so pretty. I really love your goals for this new year which are really motivating, and I do have the similar ones. My belated new year wishes to you and your beautiful family.

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