6 Health Symptoms Your Guy Should Never Ignore

How many times have you nagged your partner to go to the doctor when he has an issue? Yep, we thought so. Men are notoriously bad at going for medical appointments when they need to, choosing to avoid the doctor’s office like the plague that they’re probably fighting off. They even try to patch up their own broken toes and fingers, preferring to style it out than go to the doctor’s office and bruise their fragile egos. Not all medical problems, however, can be fixed so easily and that’s why it’s up to us to keep an eye out and nag as much as we can when it comes to his health.

What may seem like an inconvenience that can be glossed over with painkillers and a plaster to a man, could be something far more serious. If you are the one watching him for symptoms, you will notice whether or not you need to contact ProstateCancerDr.com before he does. Those symptoms and signs of something far more serious than a cold are like a neon sign for him, but he may well still ignore them. Think of a cat going into a basin of water; that’s the equivalent of getting a man to make his own doctor’s appointment. Whether you have to frogmarch him there or not doesn’t matter, if you spot any of these danger symptoms, it’s time to grab the straitjacket and dose him up with anti-anxiety meds, Mr. T style.

A Large Gut.

There is a common factor with age, that a middle-aged spread appears. There is, however, a big difference between a middle-aged spread and a large gut. You may be cooking nutritious, healthy foods, but if his waistline isn’t getting any smaller then this is a danger sign. A waist size that exceeds forty inches puts him at an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes, neither of which you or he wants to be managing as you get older. He may not let you near with a tape measure, but if a good diet and regular exercise isn’t shifting that gut, make the call to the doctor.

Powder Room Issues

Constipation is a direct result of lack of fluids in a diet, but changes in exercise and additions to medication can also cause constipation. Over the counter remedies can help regular constipation, but if it is a chronic issue and he has stopped napalming the toilet first thing in the morning, then it’s cause for concern. A blockage in the bowel can be causing a lack of bathroom activity and the last thing that you want is to deal with issues in the bowel like tumours. Any changes that you notice that last longer than two weeks should be dealt with by your primary care physician.

Erectile Dysfunction

The ego isn’t going to be the only worry for your man if he has trouble maintaining – or even getting – an erection. ED is often a side effect of new medication, chronic stress and smoking. In relation to smoking, it will make a lot of sense to try and give this up, especially if this seems to be making this issue a lot more difficult to deal with. Plus, there are no health benefits to smoking anyway, so regardless of what you are suffering with, it may be in your best interest to quit. With the internet and sites such as Gourmet E-Liquid, you shouldn’t have an issues becoming a non smoker and sorting out your issues of ED. However, it is also an early warning sign that the heart is in some trouble. The likelihood is he will try to brush off erection issues with exhaustion, work stress or just generally not being in the mood for sex, but if this is happening too frequently you need to gently push for a doctor’s appointment. No one likes to see a doctor for their intimate parts, but there are too many other health causes of erectile dysfunction that need to be assessed. Sometimes it can be just as simple as using products similar to climax control to reignite the fire in your man’s intimate parts. Men in the adult industry who work for websites similar to Tube V are a great example of how many should take care of their health and quickly resolve these issues by seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Your man can follow this example.

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Roasted Skin

Prostate cancer and colon cancer may be the most common cancers for men, but skin cancer is actually the most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women. The cause? Pride about slathering on the sunscreen. There is nothing macho about turning into a lobster under the hot rays of the sun, and if he is fair-haired, older than forty and refuses to be outside with proper sun protection, he is at risk. You could turn it into a game when it comes to putting on sunscreen (and this could help that ED issue!) but you need to impress upon your partner the seriousness of skipping out on that lotion.

Popping Antacids

Those late-night beers during the play-offs are delicious, sure, but if you partner those with greasy onion rings you are asking gastric reflux to walk right in and set up home. If he has frequent heartburn episodes, he could be at serious risk of Barrett’s oesophagus, which is a precancerous disease caused by the continued presence of stomach acid in the throat. Almost half of all patients that develop this go on to suffer from oesophageal cancer. Cutting out certain foods, nagging him to lose weight and give up smoking are ways that you can help, but seeing a doctor and trying to manage the reflux can also help!

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Excessive Thirst

You may already be aware of this one, but excessive thirst is a big indicator of diabetes. Type 2 diabetes tends to develop in later life as a result of poor diet and high weight, and while you can reverse the symptoms of type 2 before they take hold, you can’t erase them for good. If you have noticed your man is drinking excessive amounts of water and yet his thirst is unquenchable, it may be time to speak to a doctor. The other symptoms to watch for can be found here, but being overweight is a large factor in type 2 diabetes.

Standing by your man and nagging him to get his regular check-ups is important, not just for his continued health, but for your future together. There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of him, especially if he isn’t willing to do it for himself. It may be a bruise to the ego to need extra help, but there are trained doctors that are there for a reason and they can help him, even if he doesn’t want to be helped.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a mom of two boys living in Northern Colorado. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, volunteering at my church and reading a plethora of Christian self help books.

25 thoughts on “6 Health Symptoms Your Guy Should Never Ignore

  1. All awesome facts and tips! My father went to the doctor twice in his adult life. He also passed six months after going to the ER and being diagnosed with stage 4 bladder cancer, which, could have been taken care of if found earlier. He was 74 although, I had much more time planned for him. Other than the cancer the doctor said he was pretty healthy. Also thank-you for bring up Barrett’s oesophagus. My son, at 35, has tried everything including an internal doctor but I want to look this up.

  2. No worries me the most and my husband is his guts. I am trying to get him to eat better it is not that easy to do but we are slowly getting there.

  3. Totally need to pin this post so my hubby can see that nagging can be life changing!
    He’s pretty good at making sure he takes care of himself and goes to the doctor when he’s unwell but my father in law or my own father are much harder to convince! Our neighbour passed from an aggressive form skin cancer. So sad considering it only takes a couple of minutes to protect yourself from the sun!

  4. It is so important to stay on top of health issues, especially as parents and things often go overlooked. Good things to keep in mind when we make our New Year’s resolutions.

  5. I never knew about this. We should pay attention into this. glad I found this post. I should start checking my husband.

  6. Skin cancer….this is what scares me the most because even though I’ll nag my husband every second of the day about putting on sunscreen, he’ll never do it. Grrr! Great post!

  7. This is a great list. One thing I’ve noticed is many men who are otherwise health conscious will not use sunscreen or wear at hat esp if there is very little hair.

    1. Thankfully my husband does from time to time when he stops to think about his time in the sun. But he’s been burned his fair share and just suffered a sunburn recently where I had to apply aloe every few hours to his upper back.

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