A Trip To The ER

Sometimes your kiddos just take you for a trip. When I mean take you for a trip, I mean a trip to the ER. It started off with a rough week the Monday after my son’s seventh birthday celebration. We went to a fun community wide event called STEM held at the university that was supposed to enlighten our youth and help them understand the worlds of science, technology, engineering and math. Jaydon begged to go but I was not too kean on going as it was during our dinner hour and it most likely would mean grabbing some fast food. But how could I refuse letting him go to something educational like this?


We learned about this magnetic goop. Now tell me what kid wouldn’t love magnetic goop? 

JJ blew up this balloon with the contents of this water bottle. 20160317_010534000_iOS

Braidy learning about the formation of tornados. 

So we went and he had a blast of a time, but he was acting a bit funny on his way home especially when I mentioned we were picking up McDonalds. What kid is just so so with McDonalds? My kids jump for joy as if they’ve won the lottery. He said he didn’t want anything and that his stomach felt funny and I thought it was because he had just chugged some gaterade. 

We got home and he still complained of a stomach ache and that he didn’t want to eat. So I had him lay down on the couch for a bit. After a few minutes he stood up on the couch and a fountain of vomit cascaded from his face. It was not pretty and I was worried for my couch and carpet. 

We worked on cleaning him up and everything else. It was an entirely way too long night of trips to the bathroom vomiting until about 3:20 Tuesday morning. Needless to say, he stayed home from school and I tried to separate the kiddos by a baby gate and made JJ a comfortable spot in the playroom on his bench seat where he had a TV to entertain him. He spent the day with a low grade fever, but no repeat episodes….until Friday morning! Weird right? I mean what kind of illness skips days?


I kept him home Wednesday as a buffer just to make sure he didn’t spread anything to anyone else, then Thursday he went back to school, but Thursday night at bedtime he was complaining of an ear ache. I decided to take him to the doctor to get his ear checked out. We were at the doctor’s office when JJ started complaining that his stomach hurt and the focus changed from his ear to his stomach. Right there in the doctor’s office he throws up. I tell the doctor about how he had been sick on Monday and Tuesday and she starts checking out his stomach and thinks he looked a bit dehydrated. She asks him to sip on some Pedilite. He takes exactly 2 sips of Pedilite and throws up right there in the room.  This is when the doctor says she suspected appendicitis and that we should take him to the ER. 

I thought appendicitis was a big leap, but she says illnesses don’t usually return like this and that often appendicitis starts with a stomach bug then turns into appendicitis. So she warned us that our Spring Break plans might be thwarted if we ignored it. Not that I would ignore my son’s illness, but she insisted the ER was the best approach at this point considering my son’s pale green state and the fact that he couldn’t keep liquids down.

So thankfully the pediatrician’s office was connected to the hospital, so we got a nurse to push JJ over in a wheel chair and Scott met us right there at the ER entrance. They took his vitals then gave him some Zofran to stop the nausea. 

This was the first time my son had been admitted to the hospital. I think once in his seven years of life is pretty good right?


We got him admitted. He had a couple of more bouts with the bathroom and then he was ready to sleep. 


As the nurse was trying to ready his arm for a blood draw, he just laid there quietly and didn’t fuss much until the actual prick. He difinitely didn’t like it at all, but he quickly went back to sleep for a little while and then someone else came in to set up his IV. 


He did a bit better for the IV, but didn’t like knowing there was something in his vein. 


One of my dearest friends came to the hospital with a little bunny for JJ and was so sweet to take Braidy off my hands for a little while so I didn’t have to worry about his running around. I love that she was so thoughtful. Not many people are, but she has been a light in my life here in Flagstaff AZ for quite some time. 



We were hoping he would be released from the ER the same day because we had a big trip planned to go out to Colorado. Thankfully within a few hours his color returned, the IV helped hydrate him and he was released. The doctor was sure to subscribe us some Zofran for our trip incase the nausea returned. 

We had a great trip to and from Colorado without any more illness! Thank God! 


Have your little ones ever surprised you with a trip to the ER? Thankfully neither one of my rough and tumble boys have had broken bones yet, which surprises me. (Knock on wood)


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I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

62 thoughts on “A Trip To The ER

  1. I’m so glad that your little boy is feeling better. It looks like the little bunny helps him get through the trip to the ER. I think it’s wonderful that you made it to Colorado and had a wonderful trip.

  2. I’m glad he is OK. My aunt had sons and there were a few trips to the ER over the years. I still remember being rushed to the ER in a police cruiser when I was three I down a bottle of pills, and remember them pumping out my tummy.

  3. So glad he’s fine. So, was it dehydration then? I remember taking our girl to the ER for MRSA… not fun in so many ways, and for a while, I was worried I was going to lose her. It was one of those things I’ll never forget.

    1. I think ultimately it was still the stomach bug. Not to be gross or anything but right there in the ER, he couldn’t hold his bowels and I had to send my husband home to get him new clothes to leave in. Since he couldn’t hold down any liquids without it coming back up, it did lead to his dehydration. Once the IV was started (which hydrated him), his color returned, his fever went down and they gave him zofran so he could keep liquids down from that point on. We were able to take some on our trip with us too, but we never had to use it. I was concerned with nausea and traveling, but he did great. 🙂

  4. Poor little guy–and mama! I absolutely HATE when my kids are sick because I feel so helpless. So glad you were able to get him more comfortable. Hope you are both now catching up on some rest!

  5. Being sick is no fun for anyone, especially kids. I’ve had to take mine to the ER a few times. I’m a worry wart so at the first sign of illness, I usually head to the pediatricians office. So glad your young man is feeling better.

  6. The ER stinks! Poor little guy. Neither of my boys have ever broken a bone, but we have had a few ER visits.

  7. One day my son had friends over in the pool, with him there were four altogether. So while I was watching the pool like a hawk I heard this thump and crying. That’s right, while I was making sure no one drowned or jumped in on top of another or … my son fell down the porch steps on the way back from the bathroom.

  8. Awww. Poor little guy! I feel his pain. Every time a stomach virus goes around it hits me hard and I end up in the hospital to get fluids. I’m glad he felt better in time for your trip!

    1. Thanks Melisa! Me too! I have one child who could eat nucular waste and not get sick, and JJ who was in the hospital, if you just look at him wrong, he catches a cold. I blame it on the fact that I was a germaphobe with him and never let him develop an immune system when he was younger.

  9. We had once when my little boy was bitten by a dog. It was really scary and the tears of my son is something I don’t wanna see again.

  10. Poor baby! I’m sorry you both went through a rough week. I hope he’s feeling a lot better now. It’s always a tough time for moms and their babies when this happens.

  11. Glad JJ is doing fine now. I can’t imagine rushing my little boy to the ER because he is just 1 year old. Seeing our child in pain is really heartbreaking.

  12. Back when I was young, my mom had to work & she used to warn us that we better be dying to call her at work! Well I had stomach pains all day, but no vomiting. By the time my mom got home, I could get comfortable. So I had a trip to the ER. I was immediately given antibiotics & an emergency appendectomy. My surgery took longer than usual, because my appendix was starting to burst & the dr want to make sure that all the poison was out. I was in the hospital a week & my stomach was all taped up. My mom felt bad & said that we could call her at work &I we don’t have to literally wait until we were dying!

  13. Kids are so resilient. It’s never fun seeing yours in pain, but I’m glad he pulled through and you guys were able to make your trip.

  14. I had to chuckle a little at your question at the end. YES! I have spent way too many nights in the ER. I have a medically fragile child and ER trips are very common. I think he goes more in a year that most kids in their life time.

  15. Glad it wasn’t anything serious and I hope all is ok now! We have been to the ER 3 times with my daughter. Once when she was 3- we went to one ER with 103-104 temps, they got the temp down and sent us home saying it couldn’t be pneumonia because she was on antibiotics. With in 6 hours we were at a pediatric ER with the high fever and was told she may have to be admitted for pneumonia- they ended up sending us home that time. The 3rd time was just recently which resulted in an emergency surgery 🙁

  16. I bet a trip to the ER with a little one is a scary event. And, just hearing the word ‘appendicitis’ is even scarier. I had a false alarm diagnosis for it before, but it turned out to be something else. I remember when I was in elementary school…a classmate’s appendix burst and we learned how seriously ill you can become because of it. That always stayed with me.

  17. Too scary and just never heard of anything like this with it starting and stopping. Hope it is all behind the little guy now

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