After Chronic Sinus Issues, How I got A Good Night’s Sleep.



I am a person who suffers from chronic allergies. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. 365 days a year I am blowing my nose up here in Flagstaff Arizona. I attribute it to a lot of factors. We get lots of dust, we have a lot of things that grow up here and the winds can be horrible at times. Top that off with just not dusting often enough in my house and my husband’s high-powered intense box fan that blow the allergens around our home like a tornado…and yes he uses it in the winter time too, and then you have a very unhappy me. 

What’s the solution here? Well since my husband’s fan is basically an extension of himself, it would be like asking him to cut off a limb to accommodate my needs of using a humidifier, we have to sleep in unconventional ways. I’m seriously thinking of trading in our queen bed for two twin beds so we can sleep in the same room, but apart. If you think that sounds just crazy, read this article, it’s not as uncommon as you might think, and actually could help your marriage. In fact my grandparents had separate rooms.  

But I digress, humidifiers and fans don’t really do well in the same room, especially pointing toward each other. A humidifier on my side of the room will blow that moist air right out of the room by the high-powered fan on my husband’s side of the bed. So I can’t use it. For years I’ve been taking a daily allergy pill in addition to Nasacort and I can tell you that I constantly am under a medication fog that tires me out by mid afternoon, plus it never got rid of my constant runny nose! So why was I still taking them? I just felt like I had to do something.  I felt for the longest time that I simply had to learn to deal with it, but it was quite embarrassing if I forgot my tissues not to mention having to blow my nose everywhere I go, even at the gym and trying to convince people that you aren’t sick, that it’s just extreme allergies. 

Last Monday, due to something else entirely, I was sick. I had a fever and sore throat, and joints that ached so bad they felt like they were on fire. All I wanted to do was sleep it off. These two days of illness was followed by days of being better, but comparing my days of being better, didn’t seem too far away from still being sick.  I decided I was so tired of my well days seeming like sick days.

I started my research…

I had decided to start using a neti pot. People who had chronic sinus problems swore by them. Their symptoms sounded much like mine. Then I had the essential oils people popping up on the net swearing by them. So I thought ok fine I’ll try it. After all it was this, or medication fog and I was tired of medication fog, plus it really didn’t take away my symptoms.   So I ordered my things online, a neti pot that came with saline packets so I could do a total sinus cleanse. A diffuser and six essential oil blends. Two that helped with breathing. 

I dusted my room from top to bottom, including the ceiling fan, changed the sheets and sprayed an allergen reducer through the air. I set up a humidifier and my essential oils diffuser by my bedside. My husband agreed to give me this night to myself and slept down stairs so I didn’t have to deal with the fan. 

I did the neti pot sinus cleanse. First time ever doing anything like that, but it worked!! I hopped in the shower afterward and had a very peaceful night of sleep where for the first time in months maybe even a few years I slept with my mouth shut and I was able to breathe through my nose all night long. I didnt’ wake up with a sore throat from breathing thru my mouth due to sinus problems and not to mention I haven’t blown my nose since yesterday right after I completed the sinus cleanse. My constant runny nose is gone! 

It feels amazing to be able to breathe through my nose and keep my mouth shut! I am not writing this because I’m an affiliate of anything or trying to sell you anything. I’m just writing this to hopefully help anyone out there suffering with chronic allergy problems. 

This I think will be changing my life. While I can’t change what I’m allergic too, I can stave off symptoms for at least the length of time that you’d take a 24 hour allergy pill to work, if those work for you. Never seemed to work for me. I figure if I use the neti pot every couple of days it will keep my sinuses clear and happy. 

I actually might be able to go to the gym and breathe properly while running! Being a mouth breather while running is so not good for your throat or helping you pace yourself. 

This is my experience after just one night of use with both the neti pot and essential oils diffuser. hope it helps anyone looking for answers to their chronic sinus issues. 

I’ll post another update here after about a week. They say you can use the neti pot up to four times a day and I’ve only used it once and feel emensly better. I can’t wait to update you all in a week!


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Heather Jones

I'm a coffee addict wife, "work at home mom", mother to two boys, blogging about the latest life hacks, recipes, DIY Projects and crazy "momisodes".

24 thoughts on “After Chronic Sinus Issues, How I got A Good Night’s Sleep.

  1. Oh… this made me smile. I co-sleep. My husband doesn’t want to. So… baby #3 sleeps in the bed with me, and the hubby has a mattress on the floor. It actually used to be in the baby’s room. I’d joke that we were like a couple from a black and white tv show… saying goodnight & going to sleep in our seperate rooms! But, that room has since become A’s room, and the hubby now sleeps back in our bedroom. just on the floor mattress. It’s like musical bedrooms around here! While just a temporary solution, the 2 beds actually works great for us right now, and that’s what’s important. 🙂

    1. Ha ha! Well you have to do what works for you and sleep is so so important. While I hate the idea of sleeping separately, I like the idea of good sleep, so much better. I used to think my grandparents were crazy…but they did it and seemed happy, and this might be Scott and I. although I hate that the couch is the alternative…maybe down the road we can work out a better sleep situation where we are both happy and content and still loving our marriage!

  2. I have sinus issues too — I’m in NYC and I am never symptom free. Funnily enough, reducing gluten really helped me, but it hasn’t cured it. I’m 60% blocked in one nostril, I may have to get surgery to help. I’ll try the Neti Pot sinus cleanse first though.

    1. 60 percent blocked, sounds like no fun at all! I can tell you a couple weeks out from when I wrote this post, I am still breathing better. I had some sort of allergen in my sinuses that was constantly firing mucus production, as gross as that sounds…and since I flushed it out, I’m breathing so much better. I’ve only used the neti pot twice. They say not to use it too much because your sinuses actually need a little bit of mucus to be considered healthy. But it was definitely a good purchase!

  3. Yes I am a long time neti pot user…hate any kind of medication so I try to use this as often as I can. I don’t buy the saline solution, I make my own with quarter teaspoon non-iodized salt and 1 cup barely warm water.

    Menthol crystals also work wonders and Eucalyptus oil…I put the oil on the humidifier. Usually I just close the door and leave it in the room until I am ready for bed then turn it off.

  4. My problem isn’t sleeping at night, it’s when I wake up. Almost everyday I have morning colds and it’s really something I’d like to get rid of.

    1. Yeah the worst time is in the morning. You have all that stuff that builds up through the night. I’ve found that my diffuser by my bedside with a humidifire keeps your sinuses clearer so you are breathing good when you wake up. Moist air seems to be the key here.

  5. I have chronic allergic rhinitis too and my asthma makes my condition even worse. I can totally relate about sleeping with mouth open 🙁 Sometimes I sleep in a sitting position! I would love to know what oil did you use? My husband usually put eucalyptus oil and it sometimes works for me.

  6. Thank you for this information. Recently I have been taking allergy pills every day and they really do befuddle the mind. Like you I end up with a sore mouth in the morning because I haven’t been able to breath through my nose during the night. I will be trying your solution and hoping for the best.

  7. Glad to stumble upon this post. I am right now having this annoying sinus issue, and it keeps me from focusing on my routine. Glad you’ve discovered something that’ll work for you. Gotta check that for myself.

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