DIY Disasters: When to Make The Call to Your HVAC Technician

HVAC systems are so essential in the home, but often we don’t think about them much at all until something goes wrong—and then we really realize just how much we need them and you have to call in someone like to help you get it fixed.

There is nothing worse than your HVAC system breaking down in the middle of the summer or winter, and routine maintenance is often the best way to prevent this from happening. When it comes to DIY, there are some things that you can do on your own with HVAC systems, but sometimes you will need to call in the pros – someone like ac repair Gilbert AZ.

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Routine Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Some routine maintenance you can do yourself, and in fact it is a very good idea to do so because you can make some significant savings. For example, check the air filter once every one or two months for dust and dirt. Hold it up to the light, and if the light struggles to get through, it’s time to replace it. The problem with air filters is that when they get clogged, they can really have an impact on the system’s efficiency, so it is well worth checking your filters regularly. Check the site for more details on DIY projects that can save you energy.

In addition, you may want to clean the condenser coils, add lubricant to the motor, and clean the evaporator, which are all jobs that you may be able to do on your own depending on your abilities.

When to Call the Professionals

One of the times when you should call a professional is simply to go over your system once a year. For your annual check, call out a service and maintenance professional who can check over the entire system so that you know everything is running smoothly. They will check the capacitors, the indoor and outdoor coils, the compressor, the level of refrigerant, and more, and they can fix any problems they find to keep your system in top condition. The ENERGY STAR website provides some more information on the thing stat a technician may check.

Other Technical Problems

There are other problems that are considered more technical, and for which you may want some extra help. If you notice that your fan keeps on running, the heat pump gets stuck in a mode, the system is making strange noises, the unit is not shutting off properly, the thermostat is playing up, or anything else where you do not understand the cause of the problem, it’s best to call a professional.

Replacing the System

If you decide that you want to replace your system, this is not something that you will want to attempt on your own. If your system is 15 years old or more, it could well be worth replacing it, and a newer system can be more energy-efficient and therefore help you to cut your bills. This is not something you can learn on your own without years of experience, so a professional is needed.

Always Call An Expert If Unsure

DIY is great, especially when it can help you to make some significant savings. However, when something goes wrong with your HVAC system, always be realistic. Can you really fix it yourself? If you are unsure, always call a professional. If you are unsure about which professional to use, then you can always check out a company like AnytimeHVAC – HVAC in Alpharetta, GA. However, the decision is up to you and you need to make sure that you use a company that is close to where you live. It’s a good idea to make sure that you use a professional though, as not only is it safer, but they may help to prevent you making the problem worse, which will cost you more money.

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26 thoughts on “DIY Disasters: When to Make The Call to Your HVAC Technician

  1. I prefer anything that involves my place (am renting) I can the landlord and they decide whether its a DIY job or call in the professionals but for me its professionals all the way nothing worse than a cold house during the winter in the UK

  2. These are great tips to remember. I don’t mess with the HVAC system in our house because I feel I would mess it up. I would love to learn though. Smart move calling the HVAC guy!!

  3. I would NEVER attempt to approach my HVAC system without a highly certified and qualified professional. Thankfully we have a great local business that takes good care of our home.

  4. We recently had temps in the 90’s and I couldn’t imagine what we would have done if our A/C wasn’t working. Definitely agree the hubs would not go anywhere near our HVAC system. A pro is needed, for sure! 🙂

  5. Yes I agree with that if you’re unsure, call an expert, but this wasn’t happened so in the future.. Thanks for sharing smart tips. This is really helpful.

  6. Of you think your HVAC or A/C is not working properly then definitely call a professional. Trying to fix it yourself could cause even more major damage!!

  7. Great tips! We just bought a house last year and I definitely didn’t think of some of this. We need to have them come out again this year for sure!

  8. We replaced our AC a couple years, and I am so glad we finally got rid of the old system. Our energy bills aren’t much lower, but the house feels cleaner and cooler.

  9. I learned the hard way how important it is to replace air filters. I think not doing it frequently enough contributed to a brutal allergy season. Other than changing a filter…I would definitely call a professional.

  10. Does it seem like your HVAC equipment goes out at the worst times! A few years ago we lost our air conditioning when the weather forecast was predicting 100’s for the next several days. We were lucky that a professional could get to us quickly.

  11. Hehehe this is good to know! We are moving back to FL and this kinda stuff is important to know about when living down south

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