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Many visitors to Sedona, Arizona, come for the amazing red rock formations that surround the area. However, a subset of visitors come for a different reason, a more spiritual reason. They come for the Sedona Vortex. One of the most powerful vortexes in the world, you should visit it even if you question its healing and restorative powers. So book a room at one of the many affordable Sedona hotels such as Super 8 Motel Sedona, and discover all about the Sedona Vortex.


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What Is the Vortex?
You may not be aware that you have seen a vortex before. A vortex is the spiraling motion of air, liquid, or debris. So if you have seen a dirt devil or a water funnel, you have seen a vortex.
The Sedona Vortex is different because some believe that it is made of spiritual energy. This energy is perceived to be extremely strong in Sedona. It is also believed to interact with the energy or spiritual side of its visitors. Even if you doubt that the Sedona Vortex exists, you should stay in a hotel nearby such as the Sedona Rouge Hotel and Spa and see how others around you experience the vortex; it is an experience that you will be grateful to have witnessed.
What Is the History of the Vortex?
Between the years of 900 AD and 1350 AD, Native Americans (the Sinagua) were drawn to this land. They witnessed healing among their people and felt more spiritually alive than they had before their arrival. This feeling prompted this wandering tribe to put down roots, and they began building pueblos and cliff dwellings. Many of the cliff dwellings are still intact today and can be seen around the valley. You can see and read about the history of the vortex all around Sedona, including at many of the hotels, such as the Sedona Real Inn & Suites.
Why Do People Visit the Vortex?
Today there is a mix of people who come to experience the Sedona Vortex; there are those who are curious about it and those who have a solid belief in its power and want to channel it in their vortex meditation. Either way, visitors come because they want to feel more alive. They want their spirits to be rejuvenated. They come because they want to be healed from something. They come simply to be surrounded by spiraling energy. It really doesn’t matter why they come; they are just drawn to come.
Are you still an unbeliever? If so, check out the Sedona Original Vortex Tour. During this unique tour, you will visit the two main vortex sites and have the opportunity to experience the power and to ask questions.
Have you been to the Sedona Vortex? If so, please share below your tips and insights for others.

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