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Pets are just the best. They are always there to cuddle when we feel down, they show unconditional love and they even care for us when we feel ill. Sometimes though, it is our furry friends who become ill and need looking after. The good thing to know is that a lot of the time we can heal simple ailments at home. We don’t need to run off to the vet as soon as our dog gets a runny nose: instead, we can use more natural methods to look after our pets at home.

Deter fleas with citrus fruits

One of the things which you can learn from visiting a pet healer at http://www.qigongenergyhealing.com/ is that fleas simply hate citrus flavors? If you notice that your pet is afflicted by fleas, you can run your pet’s fur with some citrus essential oils or even the peel from the fruits. This should prevent fleas from taking hold, force them to move elsewhere and also make your pet’s fur smell amazing! There are a lot of flea treatments on the market and doing a bit of research should help you to find the best oral flea treatment for dogs out there.

Using yeast

One of the best ways you can repel fleas from taking hold on your pet is to add more yeast into their everyday diet. You can mix some yeast with water and this will allow you to add it into their food every day to deter fleas from attacking your animal.

Drown fleas

If your pet has a big issue with fleas, it might seem like an impossible task to get rid of them completely and allow their skin to stay clear. If you want to get rid of fleas in a simple and effective way, the easiest way to do this is to bathe your dog in water and drown the fleas. Bring a thin comb with you and brush your pet’s fur as you bathe them. This will detach the fleas and kill them, as well as getting rid of any eggs which may be lurking on their skin. It may also be in your pet’s best interest to look into something like JugDog Flea Treatment to help assist you in finding the right flea treatment. As there are many items on the market that claim to solve this problem, so looking into something like this will hopefully make your decision a lot easier.

Keep the house clean

If you want to keep fleas at bay and other pests away from your pets, the best way you can do this is to keep your house clean. Use bleach, lots of fragrances products and this will deter pests from entering the home and biting your pet.

Rose geranium for ticks

Ticks are one of the most annoying pests you can face as a pet owner, and trying to rid your pet of a tick can be a pretty huge challenge. However, one of the smells a tick hates more than most is rose geranium essential oil. By applying some essential oil to your pet’s collar and spraying some on their fur, you will deter ticks from biting your pet and taking hold.

Dog booties

You may be familiar with some of the super cute videos on the internet where we see dogs wearing booties and trying to walk; but these shoes aren’t just for show. Sometimes if your pet isn’t used to walking in harsh terrain they will have very sensitive paws. This can lead to splitting their pads, getting sores and burns on their feet. To prevent this from happening you can put your dog in socks or boots when they walk through rough terrain.

Treating sore feet

If your dog or cat does suffer from sores on their feet, there are a few ways you can treat them to make them stronger and to allow them to heal. The first thing you need to do is clean the area and apply salt water to the wound. Do this a few times a day as the sore heals to allow it to stay clean. When healed, apply moisturizer to the area to strengthen the paw and keep it from happening again.

Chamomile for sensitive skin

Chamomile tea is a great drink for us to enjoy, but it can also double up as a brilliant treatment for dry and itchy skin on or pets. If your pet is suffering from patches of eczema or a rash, brew up some tea, leave it to cool and add it to a spray bottle to spray on the skin twice a day. This will dramatically soothe the area and help it to heal much quicker.

Turmeric for joint pain

As our dogs and cats grow older they may start to experience symptoms of arthritis and may struggle to walk. To alleviate the pain and being mobility back into your pet, you can add some turmeric into their everyday diet. This can be done by sprinkling some into their food or baking some homemade dog biscuits with turmeric inside.

Rehydrate your dog

If you notice that your dog is becoming ill and they seem to be struggling with vomiting or diarrhea, you will need to look at ways to rehydrate them and make them more comfortable. To successfully rehydrate your dog you can give them flavorless electrolyte drinks such as you would use in the gym. Be careful not to give them too much though.

Helping your cat with fur balls

Cats cleanse themselves by licking their body with a prickly tongue, and when they do this they swallow rather a lot of fur. Cats have a nifty trick which allows them to collect all of this and regurgitate when needed. The problem comes when they struggle to throw up this ball and this can cause them to throw up and have runny poo. To help your cat get rid of their hairballs, you can spread a small amount of Vaseline on their paws. When they lick it off it will lubricate their body and will allow them to easily throw up that hair.

Settle upset tummies

Our cats and dogs will inevitably eat things that they shouldn’t, and a lot of the time this causes them to feel ill. If your animal suffers from an unsettled stomach you can feed them a diet of rice and plain chicken for a few days. This plain food will settle the stomach and help them to feel much healthier.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

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  1. I never knew you could get rid of fleas with citrus essential oils. I always use frontline but it seems like it doesn’t work as well as it used to. I’m going to try this.

  2. That’s interesting about hairballs causing an upset stomach. I didn’t know that it could cause diarrhea. It’s nice to have healthy remedies for things instead of resorting to chemicals.

  3. It’s amazing to know that there are home remedies available. I didn’t know these things. Thank you for sharing.

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