Is Being Hyper Focused A Good Or A Bad Thing?


One of the things that I’ve always struggled with and that I can actually see in both my children is that I/we struggle with balance. In fact I made that my word for 2016. I really want to aspire to achieve balance in my life. The trouble I have is that I become hyper focused. Hyper focused can be both good and bad, but in my case it was bad. When you are hyper focused, all the other things you need to get done are pushed off and become inconveniences, thus putting you out of balance. 

Hyper focused people can be really successful intelligent people able to achieve things others can’t because they put in more time and commitment toward that one task, but at the same time hyper focused people tend to view all other things as inconveniences and time suckers. This puts you out of balance. The problem with being hyper focused is that you are usually unhappy, agitated or stressed when  you “HAVE” to do other things that seemingly get in the way of the one thing you’d rather be doing or the one thing you feel you HAVE to do to succeed. 

It’s a problem because it can lead to defeat if what you’ve been hyper focused on turns out to be a failure. The feeling can be so discouraging it can lead to depression. 

So what can hyper focused people do to help them achieve balance? 

Hyper focused people need to create breaks in their day where they do something completely different. Whether its taking the dog for a walk, hitting the gym for a run, making dinner for the family, or watching a family movie, if you make it a part of your daily schedule, people tend to keep up with it better. It will be changing your routine that will be the hard part. 

Hyper Focused people also tend to be list makers, so if you know you need to do it, put it on your list. The problem however is when the list gets too long, because hyper focused people actually believe they can achieve everything on their to do list within the given time frame. Reality sets in when the day comes to a close and they realize they’ve only hit a quarter of their to-do list. They’ve over scheduled themselves,  they are feeling stressed, and feelings of defeat come walking right on in day after day. 

The reality most people face is learning to commit the appropriate amount of time for a certain task.  You either over schedule yourself or you are so focused that you’ve let time slip away and you realize you can’t finish it in that time frame and now you have other commitments creeping in. But the side of you committed to quality control, doesn’t want to stop, IT HAS TO BE PERFECT

Hyper focused people tend to be perfectionists and possibly a little OCD. Neither of those are bad things…but like I said above, it’s about achieving balance. So if you walk away with anything from this post today. Know that I am learning where my weakness is here and I am wanting to change that. 

It will require telling myself this daily:

I want to achieve balance more than my desire to achieve perfectionism…

I want to achieve balance more than my desire to “GET IT AL DONE NOW”….  

I want to achieve balance because balance leads to happiness…

Balance makes room for the people in your life that matter…

and balance is healthy!

What other things can you think of to achieve balance in  your life? Do you tend to hyper focus as well? 




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I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

42 thoughts on “Is Being Hyper Focused A Good Or A Bad Thing?

  1. I have a friend, who shall remain anonymous just in case, who becomes so hyper focused she is actually distracted. And it can get dangerous. I have stopped riding in the car with her because her mind gets so tunneled into one thought she has been known to forget the most important thing – driving.

  2. I think it’s alright to be hyper-focused. At least you’d know that the person is dependable. The trouble comes if you are the hyper-focused person – maybe you’d expect others to be like you and more often than not, they’re not so that may leave you disappointed.

  3. Very good choice for your word of the year. We all need a little balance in our lives. I think it’s important to have that, especially when you have kids. Being hyper focused has been one of my struggles last year and I carefully tried to change, one day at a time. Telling myself that I have other parts in my life that also needs attention. T

  4. I am the same way. I really tend to get hyper focused on a certain task and get upset when I get pulled from the task. I like the idea of trying to strive towards a balance. I know I tend to get into trouble because I then put off certain tasks I should get done but because it’s not what I’m focused on, I don’t do it.

  5. I do not have this issue myself however I have heard of many people who have. It can really be a struggle and most people I know have said that routines and schedules are really essential to help them overcome from being hyper focused.

  6. I don’t consider myself hyper-focused, but I used to be OCD. Oh, who am I kidding, I still am. Not the casual, bragged about OCD. “Oh, I like things clean… I’m SOOOO OCD.” But the actual OCD… anxiety-induced compulsions that are seemingly impossible to escape. The turning on and off the light 4 times. The touching the door frame when you leave the bathroom… while you exhale at the same time… and if you force yourself NOT to do it, you HAVE to go back and do it to bring order to your world. I don’t think being hyper-focused is a bad thing unless it really starts to interfere with your life.

  7. I’m not a hyper-focused type, but I am a perfectionist which many times makes me lose the balance between work/life. I’ve learned that making lists, prioritizing and making a clear distinction between working hours and family time (I work from home) helps a lot 🙂

  8. I found my hyper focus to cause LACK of focus! I needed to stop thinking of all things at all times and learn to focus on ONE thing at a time, get it done, and move to the next thing. That helped me a lot in achieving balance.

  9. Balance is the key and then personal choices that you are comfortable with. Each of us have different points where we are comfortable so what might seem hyper to me is not for that person. As long as they are happy is my thing.

  10. I’m a hyper type of person as well. I did a very embarrassing experience with it. The only solution for this is time management and take note of schedules and loose up sometimes. Just enjoy life and take things easy.

  11. If I am in the right mood, I am extremely focused so much so that I notice nothing go on around me or how muh time has passed. The problem I always face though is that everything I do I want to be perfect, if only I wasn’t this way I would probably get a lot more done.

  12. i really struggle with giving myself breaks which can make being hyper focused a bad thing but i get so much done that i’m not really complaining. this reminds me though that i should give myself some breaks today

  13. For me everything goes better when i set up a schedule but I always try to take small breaks every two hours or less (depends on the work) to strecth out and relax that way my day flows a lot easier

  14. I’m definitely hyperfocused, and can lose myself in tasks for a long time. It’s great because I get a lot done, it’s hard because I can let the day go by and not get to the rest of my to do list.

  15. I wish I could be hyper focused… I’m always too busy thinking and planning multiple things at once. Which can also detract from the end goal.

  16. I make sure to keep things in balance, but sometimes with getting things done and helping people it can get hectic and out of control. I try and deep breath and take a break. It really helps!

  17. Lovely post. It happens me all the time. I am going to India tomorrow for 1 month vacation and I was trying to schedule my posts for 1 month and became hyper focused. Sometimes it hard to balance it.

  18. I find I actually have the opposite problem in that I can get easily distracted by something else and stop paying attention to what I was originally doing. I do agree with what other people said about staying focused but still making time to take a break so one doesn’t get burned out.

  19. I am an obsessive person but when I have a big job to do I find myself flitting from task to another. I have to remind myself to stick with one thing until it’s finished.

  20. Good suggestions for those of us who can get overly focused. Sometimes I just have to totally remove myself or give myself just a certain amount of time so that I can have more balance in my life.

  21. OH MY this is ME!! You would think after my kids left, I would take it easy, slow down, stop being a perfectionist, and know that everything doesn’t have to get done in one day!
    I think I’m worse than ever! I don’t know if it is habit after all these years, but I definitely do NOT want this added stress too! I WILL try saying the sentences above daily. I’m printing them out & putting them on my fridge so I remember! THANK YOU!

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