Its Good to Keep Things in Draft For Awhile



See when I’m upset, I write…when I’m angry I start typing up a novel. Prior to this post, I had three sitting in draft form and I’m so glad I didn’t publish them.  With the lack of someone to talk to about my problems, I tend to write things out…only to realize a few days after writing what I did, I sounded childish and petty and silly not to mention mean. 

You know how sometimes there are those people in your life that you should be able to rely on, but every time you do, they cancel on you and you are totally out the money you spent on the thing you had planned and you’ve got no back up plan. Yeah that happens a lot with me and I got really bitter about it. Like ugly bitter. Like if I were to see my reaction from someone else’s viewpoint I would be saying woah this chick has some major issues. 

I do have major issues, there’s no surprise there. Most of the time no one realizes my major issues which is a plus.  I don’t like flaunting them or accidentally revealing them. 

I would say I am becoming more of an introvert over time. I love other introverts. We are good listeners. We listen to what is “not” said. I have a big problem with people who talk too much, talk over you when you are trying to speak and continually change the subject back to them. I tend to just do the, “yeah, uh huh” kind of thing. I don’t get extroverts. I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to blend in, even when I was in theatre, I delighted in being in the chorus, or positioning lights on a stage or running the soundboard. I liked the part when everyone works together to put something grand up and awe an entire audience. That is my favorite part of theatre. I found a way to blend in within performing arts. Isn’t that something!? It was easy to be the introvert in a room full of extroverts then. But then something happened and I found I had a better voice on paper…I switched my interests to journalism. After a year in college performing arts, I changed my major. 

Anyway…in an effort to grow and not belittle anyone, but to get the release I need by putting thought to screen, I’ve at least vented in a way that shows no hurt or pain toward anyone else. I will try to be the bigger person and move on. 

Taking a deep breath….and moving on. 

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Heather Jones

I'm a coffee addict wife, "work at home mom", mother to two boys, blogging about the latest life hacks, recipes, DIY Projects and crazy "momisodes".

0 thoughts on “Its Good to Keep Things in Draft For Awhile

  1. I have published posts that I wrote when I was angry & totally regretted it. It’s definitely good to let them sit.

  2. I believe that writting is a great theraphy becuase anyway we need to release all those negative thoughts instead of passing those to another person. I think is a healthy practice.

    1. Very true! I have done it when I’ve been depressed and it really does help. That’s probably why people pay tons of money to see therapists when you can get some of the effects just from getting it all out through your writing!

  3. I think the way you process your emotions is brilliant. Writing and venting out your frustrations and disappointments is completely healthy and it’s smart to save them in draft for awhile and then let them go. I strive to do the same!

  4. Writing really helps, especially when there’s no one to talk to. It’s also good to keep them in draft first because you may not really want to publish them them you’re not angry anymore.

  5. Writing is great therapy and much cheaper than venting to a physcologist. 🙂 I’m introverted too but I can handle a few crowds. I am usually quite though until I get to know someone. I’m trying to go to more blogger events just to get out and meet other moms behind their blogs.

      1. You never know, yesterday’s event was kid friendly. My boys had so much fun too. I did have to drive an hour away. I’m just thankful there are blogging events in my area.

  6. This is a great post and a great way to vent I believe. I tend to write things down that bother me than look at them later for a concussion. It can be very therapeutic to write our feelings down. Thanks for sharing.

  7. When I’m pissed off I tend to lash out at others. It’s not fair on the innocent bystanders and so I’m working on this. I’ve come a long way but still want to be even better at letting things go. It’s hard…when people hurt us it is so easy to lose trust, but I’ve realized over the years that it’s far better to distance ourselves than to burn bridges. I’ve let a lot of people go in my life and I’ve felt better for it than the people I lashed out at.

  8. Oh yes this is what I do. I have many email drafts I’ve written that are downright awful. But I never send them. My mom always told me to never burn bridges, so I don’t, lol. There is only one time I’ve written something in anger and sent it, and it involved my child and her being left alone in the dark after a parade with her school.

  9. That is a good way to vent without harming anyone as long as you get rid of said venting after it’s done it’s job!

  10. Sometimes the best stuff comes out when you have all those emotions. Those are the best ones to read but I get it. I do understand the need to have them in draft. Sort of a way to control and “think before we talk” kind of a thing.

  11. It is interesting how often just a little distance from something can give us so much perspective on it. It’s easy to get caught up and hung up on an emotion in the moment, but a little time can give us just what we need.

  12. I do agree writing is a wonderful therapy to heal yourself & my husband does it the most to release all his sorrow, pain & everything in some awesome words altogether. And yes, finally it is just going to be draft at the end of the day!

  13. Telling someone or writing on paper does help. I do the former more than the latter, just because I don’t want anyone to come across what I’ve written. 😉

  14. Gah… hugs again! If it were me, I’d avoid spending money doing something with one of those “maybe” people until you’re already doing it. Sometimes things legitimately come up, sometimes they just are looking for a reason to back out of something. Either way, not really worth your time and money.

    1. Yeah I certainly will not be relying on said person ever again….not unless its out of my countrol, and yes I do realize things come up, and this may have been legitimate, but i just get the feeling it wasn’t due to past experience. But you live and learn.

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