My New Healthy Eating Quest!


Since we moved to the front range I have been on a health quest. While in the past I didn’t dive much into organic foods, non-GMOs and HFCS, the pursuit of making sure my water is the purest it can be lead to this decision to check food labels. Why the sudden change in what I put into my body? 

Well, I have tried for years to make sure I drink enough water and always fall short because I just don’t generally like the taste of water unless I load it with ice. But I totally figured out why I don’t like the taste! We had a lady from Home Water Solutions give us a demonstration right here in our new home on their latest reverse osmosis system. I learned so much about the water that comes out of my tap and what could be in most bottled waters.

The main culprit for the taste I hate in water is chlorine!! Chlorine is the only natural way to clean the water that flows from your tap. It is safe for you to drink in small amounts. One thing to know is that most water purification systems like Brita and Pur do not filter out the chlorine. They are made to filter out solids in your water, not chlorine. After realizing the intense smell of chlorine that came out of our tap and smelling and tasting the reverse osmosis water, I knew then, I would never go back! So we had the reverse osmosis water system installed under our sink and a line sent to our fridge so we could use the refrigerator’s ice and water dispenser. 

Here are several reasons why people are jumping on the reverse osmosis bandwagon and why I will remain on that wagon. If you have chlorine in your water, your water runs on the slightly acidic PH level. When your body is in an acidic state, cancer and diseases can exist. Now your blood does a really good job of making sure your ph levels stay in an alkaline environment. Your liver and kidneys filter out as many acidic foods and liquids as it can. But shouldn’t the very thing you put in your body to hydrate yourself not be acidic? Using a reverse osmosis system makes your water slightly alkaline and removes that harmful chlorine that can overload your body if too much is consumed. 

There have been so many studies I’ve read about cancer and acidity in the body, but my belief that your diet can contribute to cancer, prevent, or maybe even cure cancer has been helped by Scott Hamilton’s claim that his tumor in his brain shrunk by eliminating sugar and drinking alkaline water. I also watched this on the Dr. Oz Show. Scott Hamilton was receiving no treatment with this last diagnosis of cancer. He had two screenings of his tumor. One screening showed the size of his tumor hadn’t changed from the time they first discovered it and the second one showed that it had actually shrunk with no treatment from doctors! When Scott Hamilton was asked about it, he said he attributes his health to God, eliminating sugar (which causes inflammation and feeds tumor growth), and drinking alkaline water.

Here’s why I want to believe it.

He’s not selling a product, he’s stating what has worked for him and he has stumped his doctors in the process. Pharmaceutical companies don’t want there to be further studies of reducing or curing a person’s cancer by eating healthy and eliminating sugar because it isn’t good for business. So you may read that there are “inconclusive studies” to this claim. I, however, am certain that pharmaceutical companies would rather you buy a pill that they’ll hike the price up on and have you pay for expensive treatments. lays this argument out perfectly about how telling people that cancer can be cured with nutrition just isn’t good for business.  

So I’ve decided to make this my new quest. Even with Christmas bearing down on us, I have done all I can to reduce my sugar intake, drink my alkaline water and eat more raw vegetables. I still have a pantry filled with foods with GMOs that I will eat because we as a society were eating them for years before we questioned whether it was good for us. GMOs have been on our shelves since 1994 . I will slowly but surely replace the foods I consume with organic, non-GMO foods and try to eat minimally processed foods. This is going to be tough because I have a skeptical husband to convince who is addicted to soda and doesn’t like change and quite frankly is worried our grocery budget is going to go up even higher than it already is. But I kinda want to prove him wrong and help him to be a bit healthier.   

So we’ve had the reverse osmosis water for about a month and I’ve started buying non-GMO’s or organic substitutes for the last few weeks. My sugar consumption has gone way down too. I drink stevia in my coffee (I have for years now) which is zero calories and I’ve switched my coffee creamer to almond milk. My aim is to slowly replace and inform my readers about affordable prices on healthier food options. Buying organic or non-GMO foods can often be more expensive. I want to share my findings here on cheaper or new organic and Non-GMO foods and work with brands who are aligned with my vision. My strive is to eat better, less processed foods and to share my results with you! 

Over the last month of drinking my RO water, I have lost the 7 pounds my body was holding onto since Braidy was born six years ago. I know 7 pounds is not a whole lot of weight, but without exercise, I think its safe to say the water and reducing sugar has helped in this regard. Not only that, I attribute my reduced sugar intake to a long-time shoulder injury feeling better!

Why would reduced sugar intake help my shoulder?

Easy! Sugar contributes to inflammation! Just google it! If you reduce your sugar intake, you reduce the inflammation in your body! I have been diagnosed with tendonitis in that shoulder and physical therapy has helped on and off for a year now, but not in a consistent way. Now with my reduced sugar intake, I have been able to help decrease the inflammation in that shoulder which has made it feel about 50% better! If I continue to work on it, it may make a full recovery. I’ll keep you posted! 😉 Honestly, there’s nothing better than being able to heal yourself without the use of surgery or pharmaceutical medicines. 

Food is nutrition! Food can heal you or hurt you but when 90 percent of our food is genetically modified and cancer diagnoses have increased, I can’t help but think there could be a connection there no matter how many times you see that “studies are inconclusive”. I think its something that as consumers, we need to take into our own hands. I would love to hear your success stories on how you’ve changed your nutrition and how that’s helped your body! 

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Heather Jones

I'm a coffee addict wife, "work at home mom", mother to two boys, blogging about the latest life hacks, recipes, DIY Projects and crazy "momisodes".

14 thoughts on “My New Healthy Eating Quest!

  1. I know it’s vital to cut the sugar in our diet yet it’s so hard to do. I give you a lot of credit for working toward this goal. 7 lb. is a great weight loss especially for not trying.

  2. My grandmother on my dads side liked to be 94 and my great grandmother and aunt on my mom’s side lived to be 104 and 107, respectively. Both my parents passed much younger. That tells me the ones living on farms, raising their own meat and planting their own vegetables had a lot of benefits we no longer do. As for your water I hope all turns out well. I can’t control mine it is what it is.

  3. Water definitely has a lot to do with our diet and how weight loss works. It’s good to try things that you think will work for you and I’m glad that it’s been working well! 7 pounds is a lot even if it’s not your goal. Cutting your sugar intake will definitely help as well. I’ve been doing that for months now.

  4. This is good information you’ve provided in this post. I have heard of reverse osmosis before but I never thought that it had so much benefits to provide better health. Thank you for posting this article. It was really helpful.

  5. I think eating healthy is always a good idea. Whether or not it actually would help with something so serious, I don’t know, but the benefits are good no matter what…so why not give it a try is what I say!

  6. I can’t stand the taste of water either, unless it’s flavored with a little lemon juice. I’ve never heard of reverse osmosis, but I’ll look into it some more.

  7. This is the first time I have heard of reverse osmosis. Interesting post. I know what you mean about the taste of water. We have a well and have to use filters of course.

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