The Importance of Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet

Dog owners know that their four-legged friend is more a member of the family than a pet. Because of this, dog owners do everything they can to ensure their dog is happy and healthy. Being a dog owner does require a great deal of responsibility, from the moment you adopt/buy your dog to their later years. You need to feed your dog, bathe your dog, walk your dog, take your dog to the vet—the list goes on and on.

For optimal health, you need to ensure your dog is on the right diet. Like humans, not all dog food and dog food diets work the same for everyone. Some dogs have medical conditions that require different food or different meal plans. Your dog’s age also plays a role in what food they should eat. And if your dog is overweight, then they too will need a special diet. For more information about what your pup should and shouldn’t be eating you may want to have a look at doggo eats. It’s always best to check before changing your dogs diet.

Of course, different dogs require different foods for a healthy diet. Certain older dog diet tips simply would not work with a lot of other dogs. One way to ensure your dog is getting a healthy diet is to put them on a raw diet. There are many different benefits for dogs with a raw diet, and you have a variety of different options when it comes to what they eat. The following are a few reasons as to why it’s very important to feed your dog a raw diet.

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Raw diets use natural ingredients.

Take a good, hard look at the ingredients on your dog food. Chances are there is a list of items you can’t even pronounce. If this were your food, you likely wouldn’t eat it, so why are you giving it to your dog? When your dog is on a raw food diet, you don’t have to worry about strange and dangerous ingredients. Instead, you’ll know exactly what your dog is getting.

Raw diets typically contain some type of meat, raw eggs, vegetables, fruit, and possibly dairy. There are no additives, preservatives, or chemicals. It doesn’t matter if you’re making your dog’s food yourself or if you’re opting for a freeze dried raw dog food option—every single one will be natural.

Raw diets have many benefits. Studies have shown that raw diets have a variety of benefits for dogs, including skin benefits. Dogs that eat raw diets have been known to have healthier skin, which can keep them from scratching or licking and will remove dandruff. Plus, your dog will likely have a shinier coat when given a raw diet.

Raw diets are also beneficial for your dog’s oral hygiene. Dogs on raw diets tend to have cleaner teeth than those who are not on a raw diet. Having cleaner teeth will ensure your dog doesn’t suffer from any oral issues.

Raw diets are also known to increase energy in your dog. If your pup has been sluggish lately, it could have a lot to do with his or her diet. When you put them on a raw diet, you’ll notice an increase in energy levels. This is good for your dog’s cardiovascular health. Plus, if your dog has put on a few pounds, the extra energy will ensure they get plenty of exercise too, which will burn off that excess fat and make them healthier all around. Check out this list of high calorie dog foods for more info!

Finally, raw diets have been known to help with digestion. Dogs tend to have much smaller stools while on a raw diet, which eliminates the risk of pain while defecating as well as constipation. If your pup has some bowel problems, a raw diet may be the solution.

Raw diets can be cost-effective.

Along with the many benefits that a raw diet brings to your pooch, another benefit is that it can be very cost-effective for your wallet. You no longer have to shell out a fortune in order to buy bags and bags of food. Instead, you can simply pick up a few extra items of food you would eat, and then use those items to make your dog’s food. You can even opt to make their meals ahead of time and keep them in the fridge. This way, when it’s time for Fido to eat, you don’t have to waste time preparing anything. Now, you can use that extra time and money to spoil your dog even more.

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Heather Jones

I'm just a mom of two boys living in Northern Colorado. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, volunteering at my church and reading a plethora of Christian self help books.

47 thoughts on “The Importance of Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet

  1. I never thought about this before. I feed my dog the same food that he came from the shelter eating & he seems to like it 🙂

  2. My dog had allergies to everything you would normally give to a dog. We had to go a different route, but the more natural the better. I don’t see making food for my dog though, I hate making dinner for my family LOL.

  3. My dog has allergies, so the raw diet it is… and has been for a while. She eats well, but she doesn’t poop as much or require frequent vet visits, so I think we come out ahead in a few major ways!

  4. We do not have a dog but this is great info! Ill have to pass it on to my neighbor they have a beautiful Husky. He is one of the sweetest dogs!

  5. now this is new! we have four dogs and we like cook everything they have to eat including bananas! One of them has fish allergy but sometimes i don’t buy it. because she keeps on scratching even if we don’t give them sardines or any tyhpe of fish. maybe we can try the raw diet.

  6. I don’t have a dog, but this is very helpful article and Im so glad that you shared it thank you.

  7. I need to look into feeding my dogs a raw diet. I know that better dog food has si many advantages including less waste. It is the initial sticker shock. I have three puppies. Thankfully, they are all small dogs.

  8. My one dog has allergies and we feed him limited food diet. I have heard that raw food diet is sooo good for dogs. I just don’t have time to make it. Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. I never even realized that dogs had allergies until recently. Glad you found something that worked.

  9. I can see why a raw diet for dogs is much better health wise. Sometimes feeding my cats and actually understanding what is actually in the food can be difficult. When I switch foods or have them try a new one I always look at their skin /coat to see if its working

  10. This is some really great information. It’s so true that the food we feed our pets can be harmful to them if it doesn’t contain the right ingredients. We have a responsibility to feed them right.

  11. I just adopted a puppy in May and have been doing so much research to make sure he’s as healthy and happy as possible. I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of raw diets <3

  12. I tried changing our dog’s food once and never again. She likes it and when I tried changing she got diarrhea in my frontroom and I barfed and hubby even got sick and thank God my son’s girlfriend had a strong stomach and cleaned it for me and then hubby scrubbed the rugs while I sprayed lysol and poor “Baby” that’s her name, was sick for a week… NO THANKS.

  13. I feed my pooch dry food, but my husband cooks livers and gizzards for him as well. He’s a beast when it comes to eating, so he tears it all up. Thanks for the great info!

    1. I once gave my cat some ham, who turned his nose up at it and went for the processed cat treat instead…I was totally shocked by it. [Just to present the other side here.) With my cats I often give them wet/canned food a couple times a week, but I do see the benefits of giving cats and dogs something they would eat from the wild.

  14. We did this quite a few times with our dog. It helped when he had skin rashes or an upset stomach or stress. We typically fixed him steamed rice and boiled chicken and he ate it right up! He really enjoyed it and I agree that it would be much more cost effective!

  15. Thank you for the information about Raw food diets for pets. I am surprised all the variations in pet diets at the moment. People want the best for their dogs as they are part of the family.

  16. This is awesome information for dog owners indeed about the benefits of a raw diet. I have been thinking about doing this for my dogs because they are older. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Really some great information. I don’t have dogs and I don’t know much about feeding dogs. But this article would be very helpful for dog lovers. Will definitely share this post with my friends.

  18. Thank you for sharing this, I had no idea! I don’t have a dog at the moment but sometime in the future I definitely will and this will come in handy.

  19. I don’t have a dog so I don’t really concern myself with these things. Seems like great info for dog owners though to help them choose a better, healthier diet and food plan for their pet.

  20. My cats will somehow bring this article up again and show me until they get on a raw diet. “I’m sorry kitties, the article’s headline is The Importance of Feeding Your DOG, as in the animal you guys love to hate, A Raw Diet.”

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