Chicken Noodle Bone Broth Soup & The Many Uses of Bone Broth


The older I get the more I realize that what I put into my body matters. I’m buying more organic foods than I ever bought before and more fresh fruits and vegetables too. Lately, Pinterest has gone crazy with the use of bone broth and due to its health benefits, I’ve jumped on board too. 

What is bone broth? 

Well it’s exactly what it sounds like. Bone Broth is typically made with bones of either a chicken cow or pig and can contain a small amount of meat adhering to the bones. As with stock, bones are typically roasted first to improve the flavor of the bone broth. 

Why the heck would I want to consume bone broth? 

I’m glad you asked! Bone broth has some wonderful health benefits!  Bone broth is rich in minerals that support the immune system and contains healing compounds like glutamine, glycine, collagen and proline. Not only that, collagen supports healthy skin and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Remember collegan should be consumed, not put on your skin for the best results. These kind of nutrients aren’t often found in other things you eat, which makes bone broth just a bit better than regular broth. 

Are You Fasting? 

Bone broth is highly recommended when fasting. It contains numerous minerals and vitamins and is quite ‘filling’ in terms of reducing the pangs of hunger. 

In cooking you can replace your normal chicken stock or broth with bone broth for a more nutritious meal. I have decided to do just that with the bone broth that  Osso Good Company sent me. 

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A friend from back home made me a classic chicken noodle soup one time when I was sick. I was so overwhelmed with the kindness of being given a homemade soup. A soup that someone took the time to make…a soup not from a can but from the heart. I love making soups for my family and chicken noodle soup is our go-to meal when any of us are sick. But from here on out, I’ll be using bone broth instead of regular old chicken broth. 

Is there a taste difference? 

I felt that Osso Good’s bone broth may have been slightly thicker, but it had a more robust flavor to it than your typical chicken broth. 


Bone Broth Chicken Noodle Soup
Serves 4
Classic chicken noodle soup and rice using bone broth instead of regular broth.
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Cook Time
15 min
Cook Time
15 min
  1. 1. one large chicken breast
  2. 2. three stocks of celery
  3. 3. About 10 baby carrots (chopped) or 2 large carrots (chopped)
  4. 4. 1/2 cup of wild or white rice
  5. 5. chicken broth to boil the chicken ahead of time, water, or 16 oz of bone broth
  6. 6. Osso Good Chicken Bone Broth
  7. 7. Essenhaus wide homestyle noodles 8 oz (half the bag) (It comes in 1 pound bags)
  8. 7. A dash of thyme
  9. 8. A dash of savory
  10. 9. A dash of pepper
  1. Use a crockpot and typical chick broth or water to slow cook your chicken, you can use the juices left over from the crockpot in your soup, but it often has fat that has boiled off the chicken which makes it hard to strain out. You'll want to save your bone broth for actual consumption and not boil it away.
  2. While you are cooking the chicken you can chop the celery and carrots and boil them for 20 minutes on the stove on medium heat.
  3. Boil half a cup of rice for the same time (20 minutes). (I start these together)
  4. When chicken is fully cooked, take it out of the crockpot and shred it on a cutting board.
  5. In a large pot add all your ingredients, chicken, celery, carrots, rice, 8oz of noodles, thyme, savory and bone broth.
  6. Let boil for at least 15 minutes or until noodles are soft
Heartfully Heather

There are different variations to chicken soup. I like shredded chicken, not chopped, and I like to season mine by taste with savory and thyme. I also love putting a half a cup of wild or white rice in it. I’ve seen corn added to chicken soup and cauliflower, but as long as it’s made with love and bone broth, I’m sure it will taste good!

Now you may see on Pinterest people claiming you can do chicken noodle soup all in one crock pot. I’m sorry, but you just can’t. The celery and carrots need to soften at a higher temperature than the chicken cooks, adding rice or noodles too early can make it mushy. I’ve had fully cooked chicken and rock hard carrots and mushy noodles in my soup doing it this way…yuck! Don’t attempt this! While there are more steps, (unless everything is precooked), you’ll need to separate the tasks.

I always start off by boiling a chicken breast in its own broth in a crockpot until its fully cooked, you can use Osso Good’s bone broth to do just this, regular chicken stalk or water. But if you only have one package, save the bone broth for consumption, not just a liquid to boil your meat in. I say this because often the chicken boils off fats that make the broth hard to strain or reuse in the soup and a good portion of this broth boils away and there’s often not enough to complete the soup. You want to consume the good stuff, not wash it down the drain or boil it away!  Anyway, as I slow cook the chicken, In separate pots I boil up veggies in one pot until tender and rice until fully cooked in another. Once these items are done cooking, and the chicken can be shredded, it can be combined using the bone broth for a good 15 minutes on the stove using the right egg noodles. For this recipe I used about 8 oz of Essenhaus wide homestyle noodles. 

So while you’ve heard that soup is good for you when you are sick, consider using bone broth in your soups instead of regular chicken broth and I promise you’ll have a more nutritious experience and you’ll get your body feeling better much faster. If you are looking for recipes using bone broth look no further than Pinterest, but as I said before, beware of claims that you can just throw it all in at the same time and let it cook together. I’ve done that and ended up with crockpots of mush!  When I searched Pinterest for recipes I could make myself I came across a lot of things to pin that I may use when I use the beef bone broth the Osso Good Company sent my way. Here’s a link to my board so you can find your own recipes using bone broth from food bloggers who are much more experienced than me. 😉

The next meal I will be making with the bone broth will be brisket or beef stew. Stay tuned for that recipe! If you can’t wait, check out for all the different ways you can use bone broth. 


Disclosure: I was provided free bone broth products from the Osso Good Company to facilitate this review. All opinions of the products are mine alone. 

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Heartfully Heather


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Heather Jones

I'm just a wife and mom of two boys trying to find her place in this world. I enjoy walks around the lake, bible journaling, and RV camping with my family.

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  1. I love bone broth. I cook with it all the time. It’s especially good for soups. You get a depth of flavor you just can’t get with other kinds of stock

  2. Interesting! I have made bone broth in past. Although it takes a ton of time, it is well worth it for the output. I never realized that you could purchase it premade! I’ll have to look into it!

  3. My husband has been researching the great things about bone broth and wondered how the bought packages were. Thanks for this!

    1. This particular bone broth is packaged frozen mostly because they don’t want to use preservatives. The Ossogood Company wants to keep those at bay, so look for this in your frozen food section. 😉

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever tried bone broth before. I know I’ve had broth, just not bone broth. I’ll have to give it a try, cuz this soup looks amazing.

  5. I haven’t made or used bone broth yet, it is an excellent idea, as soon as the weather gets cooler, I will be bringing out my slow cooker and want to try it.

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