Watching the News is Bad for Your Health


We as a family have decided that having the nightly or morning news on is detrimental to our health. I was washing dishes earlier this week after dinner and Jaydon was tuned into the nightly news I had on in the living room. He was listening to the fear of North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un and his need for power and to destroy the U.S. via ballistic missile. That’s not a thought my son should go to bed with, but he did. My son is eight years old and he’s learning a lot about American history in school these days. He’s learning the ways of our violent world and the world we currently still live in and it scares him. He went to bed that night with deep concern about a missile that could reach where we live. 

Upon talking this over with my husband, we have decided that we will no longer watch the news in front of the kids. We can easily find things out via our smartphones. It won’t be too long until our kids have a complete grasp of how terrible this world is anyway. There’s nothing an eight or five-year-old really needs to know by watching the news anyway. The news generally reports on the bad behavior of people and if that is what my kids are seeing on a regular basis, they’ll think its normal behavior. I can’t raise them thinking “newsworthy” behavior is normal. Sure you’ll have some feel-good fluff stories go viral but they are saved for the end of newscasts to leave viewers feeling good forgetting about all they’ve seen, except we don’t forget.

I also think this is why I was never intended to work in the industry. I have a journalism degree. It was my college driven desire to be a reporter and report on the world around me. After having children, I lost the desire to work in the industry. I am now trying to fuel that journalistic mindset with blogging and other creative writing outlets. 

How do you feel about kids watching the news? I feel like it’s become just as bad as watching an R rated movie.   

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Heather Jones

I'm a coffee addict wife, "work at home mom", mother to two boys, blogging about the latest life hacks, recipes, DIY Projects and crazy "momisodes".

28 thoughts on “Watching the News is Bad for Your Health

  1. Yeah , i strongly agree to you on this point. Its not good for kids to watch news specifically the news related to terrorism and attacks. I never allowed my kids to watch such news as it will affect their mind in a bad way.

  2. I agree 100%. Children should not see the news or hear about it second hand at home. They will hear and see enough bad and immoral things in their precious lives. As a grown 50 something year old woman I don’t watch the news. I want to feed positives into my life. If I need to know something there are definitely enough people willing to tell me.

  3. I believe that there is actually a good and a bad side watching news. Good side is being aware of what really happens with our country.The bad side is for children. They must be aware too with the news but under supervision of their parents.

  4. We do not watch a huge amount of news with our kiddo around. There are times that we do but if something comes on that we do not think is appropriate we can change the channel. I think what you were doing is exactly what you should be.

  5. I think there’s a certain age where kids should be allowed to watch the news. They have to be old enough to understand what’s happening and for us to explain it to them in a way that doesn’t make them terrified of the world. Obviously, it’s no good for the really young kids.

  6. I don’t let the kids watch the news yet. They’re still just a bit too young, but in about another year, I probably will. I want to protect their psychies, but I also don’t want to shelter them from reality.

  7. I agree. This is why we don’t watch the news. yes, we are informed, but we don’t even watch TV in general and it is detrimental. We should protect to a comfortable point but also allow kids to not be completely sheltered and cut off.

    1. I agree. I know that my kids are learning about history in school and that history includes the violent things. I think what I want to try and limit is them becoming desensitized. Staying informed is one thing, but seeing and hearing about constant greed and violence is another. It gets into the psyche of people…and positivity should be what is in us.

  8. I have mixed feelings on it but totally get your point and think if that is what is right for you and your kids then so be it. ONLY YOU Know your family’s needs! I do think as you do – that the news can be unhealthy and not just for kids but for ALL of us. I watch the news maybe 1 day out of 30 – if it comes on and I am at the TV – but I usually turn it to something else anyway. I like to know what is going on in my community but I also have HUGE doubts that I am even getting the “real” news too. Why bother and get upset over OPINIONS which is all the news seems to be these days anyway.

  9. I think that is such a good idea. There is so much negativity and sadness shared on the news. We don’t realize how much kids are like sponges and how listening to these events can affect their morale and way of thinking.

  10. I don’t watch news at the end of the day. I am so tired and need to clear my head, so I usually opt for something entertaining. I’ll watch something like the Today show in the morning, but otherwise the news is generally too heavy.

  11. The nightly national news can be scary even for adults so we should monitor what our kids watch so we can talk about it help them better understand what’s going on in the world. My kids sometimes read the daily newspaper in one of their classes and it makes for interesting dinnertime discussions.

  12. I don’t really watch the news that often. I see more of the news on Facebook than anything. My kids don’t really watch it either. It’s sad to see so many bad things happening lately.

  13. I’ve never watched a lot of news, partly because my daughter was around. But I also find that just the inflection in people’s voices and facial expressions can really amp up the emotions. I prefer to read so I can stay up to date but eliminate some of the sensationalism.

  14. I watch the news to be informed. Not everything on the news is bad. I have no issues about the kids watching it with me. I always tell them that if there is something they don’t understand, they can ask either me or their dad, and we never mask the truth. They too have the right to information. Our task is to reassure them that there are people out there working to keep us safe and continue to live our lives as normally as possible.

  15. Watching news is important for us to be updated and informed but if the news are always being bad it is really unhealthy. So let us lessen our time watching so we can prevent the negative effects of it.

What are your thoughts?

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